Bee Bots

During my professional experience, I was very lucky to have a wonderful mentor who bought 8 bee bots for me to use. This was my first time using and interacting with bee bots and I must admit that I will definitely be using them in my own classroom. I had a very differentiated group of learners including a mixed year group (preps and year 1’s), as well as three children with ADHD, two with language and learning disorders as well as two gifted children. Using the bee bots were such a success when teaching children location and direction, as they were easy to use, engaging and because I was able to easily differentiate the learning goals for each child depending on their abilities. The more capable students were challenged by having to follow and give more complicated directions while the less capable children were able to work at a level more appropriate for them and still have success. The children also very much enjoyed challenging each other using the Bee Bot app. The more capable children worked at a higher level and wrote down their directions before programming. There are also heaps of great downloadable resources including lesson plans and bee bot mats that are easily accessible via websites including Communication 4 All.


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