Cyber Safety Quiz

When reading through fellow students blogs on my Word Press reader, I came across a blog titled Cyber Quiz. I decided to undertake the cyber safety quiz that was linked within the blog. I was surprised to receive 24 out of 25. The question that I got incorrect was that I did not think it was suitable that a child should use their first name when entering details online. Alike my fellow student blogger, I too thought this was a fantastic resource that could be implemented when educating cyber safety within the classroom. I also decided to use this quiz with my own nine-year old daughter, as she has recently started playing online games and using her I-pad to watch demonstration videos on you tube for her school work and home projects. I was shocked to see that she only received 20 out of 25 as I am constantly talking to her about the importance and how to be safe when online. I was mostly shocked that she said she would join two of the websites that were not safe sites!! This quiz has taught me that I need to be researching and talking more with my own child about cyber safety, as well as the importance of teaching my future students about the dangers as well.


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