The beginning…

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog post for EDC3100!! I must admit, creating this blog page and engaging with the first tasks outlined on the study desk were overwhelming for me as I feel I have few skills and knowledge in the use of ICT! However, as overwhelmed and nervous as I am, I am also keen and excited to learn as much as possible about ICT this semester to help me become more equipped in using ICT in everyday life, and as a future educator. I am also very much looking forward to meeting more online students through the interactions within this course.

I would also like to use my first blog post to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jane, I live in the country town of Goondiwindi and I am an online student, currently mid-way through my third year of my teaching degree: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) specialising in Special Education. I originally began this degree back in 2003 on the Toowoomba campus as a young 18 year old. I completed one year but due to many reasons, I found myself not completing the degree and moving back to my hometown. Ten years later, after having my daughter, working within the childcare sector and completing my Diploma in Children’s services, I found myself back where I began. A lot has significantly changed in the area of ICT since my earlier years of studying. In 2003, my assignments were printed and submitted by handing in my assignment to the course examiner at the University prior to 5pm on the day it was due. I also sourced all my information from books as I had very little access to the internet. So as you can imagine, becoming an online student and studying via the internet was all very new and at times, extremely frustrating and overwhelming for me. I have however surprised myself and have learnt a great deal about using ICT and know that undertaking this course will only broaden my ICT skills and knowledge for the future.