Reflecting on Formative and Summative Assessment

The week 4 learning path asked us to reflect back on the different examples of formative and summative assessment tasks that we have observed in previous Professional Experiences. When reflecting on this question, I came across Cassandra’s blog post “Reflecting on Assessment” where she spoke about how this will be her first professional development within a school, therefore she felt she had limited experience with assessments. I strongly agree with Cassandra’s blog as this will be my first professional placement within a school setting as well. This is because my first year 2-week prac had to be completed within a 0-2 year old room and both my second year professional experiences were exempt due to holding a Diploma in Children’s services. Therefore I feel I have very limited experience with school-based assessments. I do however work within a childcare setting as both an educational leader and educator, were I regularly undertake formative (observations) and summative assessments (reports of the child’s progress and achievements). The Early Childhood Australia newsletter: Summative Assessment issue 40, has great information of the different ways early childhood educators like myself, gather and document formative and summative assessment pieces within childcare settings. Feel free to have a look!


3 thoughts on “Reflecting on Formative and Summative Assessment

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  2. Hi there,
    How did you get an exemption for holding a diploma of children’s services?
    I also have the diploma, applied for an excemption for the kindergarten placement as I work in a kindergarten room, and I was denied, I was told that all students had to fulfill their professional experiences

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    • Hi Cassandra,
      I started my degree back in 2012 and the enrolment pattern back then was different. Anyone who enrolled from 2014 no longer received the 2 second year professional developments exempt. My work colleague enrolled in 2014 and is unable to get any exemptions for the 2nd year pracs either, it’s really crap as she works as the ECT within a Kindy room that is exceeding but has to go to another centre that is only meeting because she can’t complete prac at our centre as we do not have registered teacher, it seems like such a waste of time. And because there is only two full-time kindys in the remote area we live, she will have to complete her both her 2nd year pracs there.


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