Book Creator

During my professional placement, I was required to teach year 1 English. The children were required to recreate texts imaginatively using drawing, writing and digital forms of communication. To do this I decided to download the app Book Creator onto the student I-pads. I found this to be an excellent app as it was easy enough for all the year 1 students to use and because it is a free app. The children were also highly engaged in the learning experience. They thoroughly enjoyed listening to their story retells and were able to identify what they needed to do to improve their retell when listening back. The children also enjoyed listening to each other’s retell and giving feedback to each other in pairs. Once completed the children welcomed their families to come and view and listen in the classroom. The children were all very excited to show their families their story retell and families were very impressed! I was hoping to upload to the classroom blog but was unable to due to technology upgrades that were happening at the time. This will be a lesson plan that I will continue to use as a teacher in my own classroom.


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