Professional Experience: Available ICTs within the Classroom

So today I had the pleasure of visiting the school were I will be commencing my professional experience at this semester. Like I mentioned in an earlier blog, this will be my first professional experience within a school so I was feeling extremely nervous, however after meeting with my mentor, the other educators and the students I am now feeling a lot more at ease and excited to get started! The school I am attending is within a rural and remote area and consists of 40 students. I have been placed in the prep- year 1 class that consists of 8 preppies and 7 year ones! The ICT resources that will be available include:

  • 7 student iPads with headphones
  • Interactive LED screen
  • Teacher Laptops
  • Desktop computers (one per child), and a
  • iPevo document camera

My mentor also told me the exciting news that she just ordered eight Robotic Bee Bots that I will be able to use with the students in the classroom, eek!!! I was so excited to hear this as Bee Bots are small robots that are designed for young children to use, to understand sequencing, estimation, problem solving and lots, lots more! My mentor also told me that due to the school being situated in a remote low-socio economic area, most of the students I will be teaching have very limited ICT skills and learning difficulties, therefore I believe using an ICT such as Bee Bots will be very suitable to the students developmental needs. To learn more about Bee Bots and ideas how to use them within the classroom, click on this link which will take you to the official Bee Bot official web page


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