First Day Done and Dusted

Day one is done and dusted and what a fantastic day it has been!! I was extremely nervous leading up to today due to the fact that it was my first professional placement in a school setting, therefore I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully my mentor was very kind and allowed me to observe all of today without teaching, so I could gain an understanding of the routine and get to know the children. Tomorrow however will be a different story as I will be taking groups during morning rotations and teaching my first lesson after morning break. Alike another fellow student blogger, the computer systems are all down due to upgrades occurring so tomorrow and probably for the next few days I will not have access to the computer lab. Therefore, it was decided that I borrow her laptop to operate the IWB and use I-pads instead in order for me to integrate ICT to enhance student learning.  As my lesson will be teaching prep and year one students location and direction, I already have a few ideas that involve taking photos of toys in the playground in different locations and directions… Seeing its already getting late, I better stop blogging and hurry up and get planning!! Hope everyone else had a great first day as well : )


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