Week 9: Fears and Challenges

Week nine asked students to think about their biggest fears and challenges that they may have leading up to professional placement. When reflecting on this question my biggest fear I currently have is that I will be terrible at teaching!! I say this, as this will be my first professional placement in a school setting! Even though I have worked with children aged 0-5 for the past 13 years, I am still feeling extremely nervous. A fellow student blogged about their fears and concerns leading up to their professional placement, regarding embedding ICTs and how to keep up with the workload.  Alike my fellow blogger, I too am feeling extremely anxious about embedding ICT into my lesson plans and the workload that will be expected. Up until commencing this subject, I had very rarely embedded the use of ICTs in my lesson designs, nor have I had much luck in using them myself. I am very concerned that I will have many failures and/ or not include enough ICTs that will successfully transform students learning. During prac I will also have a 60% assignment due for another subject, as well as still required to take on roles in my workplace and manage being a single mum. To top it off I will be completing my professional placement 50km away, eek, I am certain that I will end up beyond exhausted!  To ensure that my fears and concerns wont be as big of an issue, I have decided to set myself many goals and a schedule prior to commencement to help with the workload, and will continue to reflect on my choices of ICTs I use.


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