Reflecting on Module 2…

Seeing today marks the first day that module 3 begins, I decided to use my blog to reflect about my progress and feelings I have endured throughout module 2. First of all, I am happy and relieved as I have completed all of the module 2 learning paths and this will be the last blog post I need to meet the journal requirements for assignment 2. I found that I moved through the learning paths and blog posts a lot faster then I did for module 1, as I believe I have finally got the hang of writing and posting blog posts more effectively and without as much stress. However, I am not as far through my unit plan as I originally planned I would be at this stage of the semester. I was hoping to get in and have this assignment completed by mid-week, as I have another 60% assignment for another subject due shortly after this one. However, I have so far only completed steps 1 and 2, as well as parts of the lesson activities and rubric. I believe the problem was that I really struggled getting started. I found myself doubting my ideas for the unit plan, therefore changing my mind constantly about which learning area, year level or summative assessment piece I was going to use. As soon as I began, I would change my mind and go back to researching my other ideas. In the end I decided to go with one of my original ideas and chose year 1 geography. I hope this proves to be a good decision, as I really want to do well in this assignment!! Fingers crossed and I wish everyone else the best with their progress on completing assignment 2


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