Maths Rockx!!!!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to quickly blog about a great little app I found that has helped my 9 year old immensely with her times tables!!! My daughter has never been that great at her times tables, mostly because she just finds learning them boring. I decided to do a little research on the I-pad to see if I could find any ideas or games that I could use that would interest her when I came across the app Maths Rockx. Math Rockx is a musical app with an exciting and new twist for remembering times tables. Instead of using boring tunes like the ones I remember listening to when I was at school, the app uses tunes from artists such as One Direction, Pink, Lady GaGa and Pharrell Williams. Of coarse this interested my music loving 9 year old daughter straight away!! She has been non-stop listening and singing along since I down loaded last week, and has now mastered her 6 and 9 times tables. She has also enjoyed sharing with her friends and teacher who has downloaded and is now using in her classroom. So if you are searching for a fun and interactive app to help engage your students with times tables I strongly suggest taking a look


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