ICT Resources for Teaching Geography

So in a my previous blog post, Assignment 2, I stated that I was going to focus my unit plan on Year 3 Science due to the fact that I really enjoy science. However, after progressing further through the learning paths and after a lot more procrastinating over my unit plan I have now decided to focus on Year 1 Geography. I decided to focus on Geography as it is an area that I would like to strengthen and because I believe I will have more opportunities to incorporate ICTs that will amplify and transform student learning, pedagogical approaches and curriculum goals. I have found a few good websites and resources online that I will use to enhance my ICT enriched learning experiences, including geogSpace. GeogSpace includes links to a large variety of different ICTs that can be used to better enhance teaching approaches and learning experiences that engage learners, as well as information on how they can be used. I also came across this blog “ICT Across the Curriculum – Geography”, which also includes great resources and materials for the use of ICTs within the Geography classroom.


2 thoughts on “ICT Resources for Teaching Geography

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