Assignment 2!

So I have been busy playing catch up all over the Uni break in my other subjects, so only just starting to attempt assignment 2 this weekend. Just like Miss W, I feel your pain in reading the many Facebook posts and students Blogs regarding everyone’s progress in their work, I feel I am miles behind everyone in completing this assignment on time! I have only just completed Week 4’s activities and half way into Week 7’s activities and already I have changed my mind a hundred times regarding which year level or learning area I will choose! I want to do something challenging but am worried that I don’t have a lot of time to complete this assignment due to another large 60% assignment due for another subject the same week, eek!! So now I am thinking that I will create my unit plan for a Year 3 Science class, as I really enjoy science and believe I can incorporate a few good transforming learning opportunities using ICTs. Good luck to everyone else!


One thought on “Assignment 2!

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