Constructing and Transforming Knowledge

When looking through the blog posts from fellow students, I came across a blog post titled “Constructing vs. Transforming Knowledge”. This blog post caught my interest as it discussed how “historically, much of the focus in formal education has been on constructing knowledge rather then transforming knowledge”. Alike, Cassandra, I too am a mature aged student and spent most of my school years receiving great marks because I was able to memorise or recite facts that were being taught to us within the classroom. However, when I had to apply what I learnt through the very few comprehension questions, I did not do so well. I still find myself very much the same. I still am good at learning and reciting facts, however when it comes to applying this new information to something like an assignment I struggle. This has taught me just how important it is that we as educators are not just providing students with opportunities to construct knowledge but also opportunities for the students to transform their knowledge. I found an interesting article from 2013 that highlights my thoughts titled “Academic Teaching Doesn’t Prepare Students for Life”.  It discusses a teachers perspective on how she believes that the schools academic system is failing students, due to its high focus on learning, or simply memorising content. She states that since changing to a constructivist approach, her students learning has been transformed and how her students are now exceeding her expectations within the classroom.


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