Reflecting and Growing as an Educator with new knowledge about ICTs

For my blog post today, I would like to respond to Emma-Lee’s blog post “The big Debate” in which Emma-Lee tagged me in for further discussion.

I would like to begin by saying thank you to Emma-Lee, for tagging me in your blog post, I have very much enjoyed reading. I must admit, before beginning this subject I was very for the opinion that digital technologies were making people anti-social, however after engaging with this subjects learning content, researching articles and reading fellow students viewpoints including Emma-Lee’s, my own viewpoint is very quickly changing. I can now see and appreciate the benefits that digital technologies are having on our social and emotional skills and wellbeing. If anything, I’m feeling that my originally thoughts were extremely “old school” and very closed minded so thank you!

It has also made me aware, that like everything, people are quick to blame anything else for their or other people’s behaviour when in reality, most of the time it is the person/ people in control who is/ are at fault. For example, my main reason for thinking that digital technologies are making people anti-social with poor face-to-face communication skills, is because I currently work in childcare, and have observed a huge decline in children’s language development over the years within our community. Research, families and other professionals have been very quick to blame technologies for this rapid decline, as young children are spending more time on digital technologies then having social interactions with people, which is how children learn how to engage in reciprocal relationships that develop language skills.

It is now clear to me that digital technologies are not at fault, but rather other factors that could be causing this decline such as families having busier lifestyles. “Tablets and technology blamed for developmental speech impairment in Young Children Starting School” is an interesting article that further discusses this topic.  I now believe that ICTs if used correctly actually have potential to strengthen children’s language development rather then hinder them.


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