Are Digital Technologies Making People Anti-social?

This week’s learning path began with the quiz “Is digital technologies making us anti-social?” My response to this question was undecided! In many ways I believe digital technologies are making us a lot more anti-social, but I can also see how they are making a lot of people more social then ever before.

For example, whenever I go anywhere with my 10 year old daughter, whether its out for dinner, to a coffee shop, in the car or at the shops, she wants to play on either my phone or take her I-pad, rather then communicate with the people around her! Her asking me this really drives me up the wall! Even when having play dates with her friends, they spend a great deal of their time, glued to their individual devices rather then playing and interacting with each other. I feel my response relates strongly with Miss W’s blog post, where she shares her thoughts of how angry she feels when people are engaging with their mobile phones while in the company of others, especially when out for dinner. I, alike to Miss W, think it is extremely rude and bad manners that people today are constantly engaging with their devices, instead of communicating with the people they are with.

On the other hand though, I also believe that digital technologies are also making us more social. For example, social media has allowed me to contact old friends that I have not talked to in years, and still would not have any contact with if it wasn’t for social media and my digital devices. Smart phones also allow me to contact the people I care about more often, through the use of texting, talking, videoing, emails and social medias.

Therefore, I do believe that ICT’s are connecting us and making people more social in the way that we are more likely to be communicating more with the people that we wish to communicate with, however, the over use of certain devices such as smart phones and I-pads are depleting many people of the basic communication skills and etiquette for face-to-face interactions

An interesting article that I found that elaborates on how overuse of ICTs are having a negative affect on peoples communication skills can be found at Daily Australia Mail


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