Week One’s Thoughts and Feelings

Woo Hoo! Week one is officially done and dusted, but what a massive week it has turned out to be, with so much to do and so many new things too learn using ICT! At the beginning of this week I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and anxious that I would never be able to master a blog post or understand how to operate Feedly! I found myself also feeling extremely overwhelmed about the amount of content that needs to be undertaken within this coarse through the weekly Moodle books and activities and thought that there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with what seemed an enormous workload!

However, now the week is complete, I have found myself reflecting on what I have accomplished and more importantly what I have learnt, which has left me feeling a little more confident. Firstly, I am astounded that I, a person who I thought had poor skills in understanding and using ICTs, is now writing daily blogs and using Feedly and Diigo! Through developing my Blog, not only have I learnt how to use a more sophisticated form of ICT, I have also been able to read and gain an insight into the thoughts, feelings and ideas from other fellow students undertaking this subject this semester.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading fellow students blogs, in particular, Kylie’s blog “What is ICT? Week 1, blog 2”. I am simular to her when she discusses her thoughts about what she believed ICT meant prior to commencement of this subject. I too held many misconceptions surrounding the definition and ideas surrounding ICT and thought ICT was something to do with computers and communication devices, yikes!

My misconceptions became clearly evident after undertaking week one’s ICT quiz, as I only received 6/10. After viewing the previous year results however, it appeared that the questions I had incorrect, including the over-head projector, laminator and old T.V., were the most commonly incorrect answers from previous years students, making me think that many held this similar misconception.

I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Kylie’s YouTube clip included in her blog about ICT in the classroom. It made me more conscious of how vital it is that I become more proficient in using and understanding ICT, because as a future educator, it is crucial I provide my students with rich and meaningful ICT experiences, to ensure they develop the skills they need to become confident and successful learners within the 21st century.


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