Imagine: A World Without ICT…

In the week one activities, we were asked to imagine that there was a mythical event that caused all ICTs to stop working……  When thinking about this question and all of the digital technologies that I frequently use and depend on, on a daily basis, I think I would definitely head into panic mode!

I began by going over a regular morning in my life. I start my day by waking up every morning to the deafening sound of my alarm going off from my I-phone. I then usually check my emails, social media sites including face book and Instagram, do any online banking that was required and revise my daily schedule using my phones calendar/ notes, while making my coffee using a digital coffee machine. I also regularly order my daughter tuck shop using an online app and send/ check messages from my child’s teacher using the dojo app. While doing these chores, my daughter is usually eating breakfast while watching the digital T.V. or completing home-work which is completed on her I-pad. Before leaving the house I usually put a load of washing on using my digital washing machine and set my air conditioner to come on half an hour before I come home from work. When I get into my car, I use blue tooth so I can play music and so I make/ receive any phone calls while I am driving. As you could imagine, if ICT suddenly stopped working one morning, I would be in serious trouble!

Before undertaken this subject, I thought that I really did not engage that much with ICT, however, it is now quite apparent that I heavily depend on it to complete the simplest of chores in my every day life! It has also made me realise just how much easier life has become due to these digital technologies. Rather then ordering my child’s tuck shop online, I would need to go into the school in person in order to write down and pay for my child’s lunch, without online banking I would need to either write and deliver a cheque or locate a branch were I would then need to withdraw and deposit cash, without blue tooth in my car I would either need to make phone calls prior to leaving the house or pull up on the side of the road to make or answer calls and without a smart phone I wouldn’t be able to carry out almost any of my morning chores in the comfort of my own home.

So this got me thinking some more… do digital technologies make us lazier or do they allow us to live a life that is much more productive? In my own opinion I believe digital technology mostly enhances our lives, as we can become more productive, allowing us to multi task more activities in a short amount of time that once took several hours to complete, allowing us more time to spend doing other important things.

I have included a link to an article that discusses more in depth about this topic and how digital technologies have changed our daily ways of operating


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